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Our Mission - Info & Objectives
Development - Research Info
As a small private team for the most part we are relying upon our own money to help pay for the development of the Dragon Assassin™.
However we also rely upon kind donations made by members of the public to help the cause as well as well as sponsorship and investment from business and organisations.
Your generous donation, no matter how small will help us to purchase and research the various parts required to create develop the Dragon Assassin™.
This will include the development of three working prototypes. Prototype 1 will be the Research Model, in other words a test bed for creating the right system for our troops. Prototype 2 will be our Test Model and will be tested to the point of destruction! This provides invaluable data that will be fed back into the Research Model. Finally Prototype 3 will be our Submission Model that will be available for trials.
Donations will help us to get these products to our troops in theatre FAST!
Your donation WILL help protect our and coalition soldiers from IED attacks.
Please help to create the Dragon Assassin™ and help protect our soldiers from IED's... we are grateful for any amount no matter how small.
Thank you
For every £10.00 donated to us by members of the public we will give £1.00 (10%) to Help For Heroes!
We Support Help For Heroes
Please Note: We are NOT affiliated with Help for Heroes in any way, we simply admire the work they do and wish to support them by donating 10% of any donations we receive.
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