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Our Mission
In the 2003–2010 Iraq War, IED's were used extensively against coalition forces and by the end of 2007 they had become responsible for approximately 60% of coalition deaths in Iraq. They are also the weapon of choice used by insurgent groups in Afghanistan - since 2001 IED's have caused over 70% of coalition casualties during the Afghanistan conflict.
The Dragon Assassin is a small robotic platform aimed squarely at inspection of suspicious objects during IED Sweeps. The Dragon Assassin is provided as a remote inspection platform allowing soldiers to achieve stand-off when trying to determine if an object is an IED.

Sample missions include:
  • Reconnaissance inside buildings, sewers, drainpipes, caves and courtyards
  • Perimeter security
  • Checkpoint security
  • Under-vehicle inspection
  • Inspection of bus, train or plane interiors
  • IED clearance
  • Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)
  • Reconnaissance
The Dragon Assassin difference:

The Mk1 Dragon Assassin is a new concept in ultra portable, cost effective remote IED inspection platforms. Here are just a few of the benefits...
  • Cost Per Unit - The Dragon Assassin Mk1 Platform in its standard configuration will be priced at approximately €5,000 per unit, half the cost of the nearest equivalent system and significantly cheaper than other robotic platforms performing similar roles in theatre.
  • Serviceable – Many of the basic parts in the Mk1 Dragon Assassin are commercially available, making servicing both inexpensive and simple. Parts are housed in an incredibly tough Lexan Polycarbonate casing to offer extensive protection when used by our troops.
  • Portability - The majority of Dragon Assassin Mk1 configurations will be completely man-portable and will be supplied with either a tactical back pack or a custom webbing harness to attach to a standard Bergen or ALICE Pack.
  • Configurable - The Dragon Assassin Mk1 has multi-configurable set-ups allowing the user to have a single base unit capable of being reconfigured for different operations.
  • Multi Function - The standard unit comes with a multi-tool capability allowing the operator to change tools held in the robotic jaws to deal with different eventualities, including a ground probe, drag tool and wire cutters.
IED Statistics - a 3 year snapshot at the height of the war in Afghanistan:

Afghanistan 2007

IED Incidents: 2,677
Found/cleared: 1,158
Ineffective: 1,136
Effective attacks: 206
Coalition Forces Killed: 77
Coalition Forces Wounded: 415

Afghanistan 2008

IED Incidents 3,867
Found/cleared: 1,892
Ineffective: 1,470
Effective attacks 387
Coalition Forces Killed: 183
Coalition Forces Wounded: 790

Afghanistan 2009

IED Incidents: 8,159
Found/cleared: 4,180
Ineffective: 2,927
Effective attacks 821
Coalition Forces Killed: 322
Coalition Forces Wounded: 1,818

(Courtesy of the Department of Defense’s Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization)
IED Remote Detonation via GSM Mobile
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